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Welcome to Sapphire Waters Motor Inn in the heart of Merimbula

Our beginnings

In February 2009, as Peta was relaxing on the couch sipping a cup of coffee, Steve walked in with a broad smile on his face and said “we should open a motel in Merimbula!”

And that is how the Sapphire Waters Motor Inn in Merimbula was born.

A couple with an idea to provide motel services to business travellers and tourists who passed through Merimbula on the Sapphire Coast.

I met Peta in 1974, as we got to know each other more, I realized we shared a lot in common. In 1975, I proposed and we got married at The Oaks near Camden while I worked as a coal miner in the Burragorang Valley.

Even though things changed and I ended up as a deputy at the Ulan coal mine, I always had this desire to venture into the motel industry.

As the years went by, we travelled a lot as a family and spent most of our holiday trips in various motels across the country. Some of the services were great while others were not so good and this helped me to have a better understanding of the kind of services that should be offered in a motel so that visitors can have that “wow” feeling and even make them want to come back or recommend the place to their friends.


When our four children grew up and left home, we realized we had a lot of time on our hands and it was time to make our dream of owning a motel come true.

Having lived on a 10 acre cattle property down in Mudgee, Peta always played host to friends and family and her hospitality was appreciated by many. She has transferred these skills that have seen Merimbula Sapphire Waters Motor Inn  grow and be a choice for many Aussie’s who have ended up being repeat customers whenever they are traveling to or through Merimbula.

Before settling in Merimbula, we had travelled quite a bit trying to find the most ideal location with a temperate climate and a good buy for our money.

This beautiful and quiet town offered exactly what we were looking for and we decided to set up shop here. We’ve worked tirelessly over the years for our motel to blend in and be a visitor’s choice of destination.

The Merimbula Motel called Sapphire Waters Motor Inn has been owned and operated by the Taylor family for the past six years. Nestled halfway between Sydney and Melbourne in the quiet coastal town of Merimbula, our motel is situated in the heart of Merimbula with nice filtered views of the waterways and just a few minutes walk from the town centre of Merimbula where you can enjoy a wide range of services such as restaurants, cafes, banking services, shops and even clubs.

Even though it’s located to the centre of Merimbula, we’ve designed the rooms to ensure all our visitors enjoy quiet and peaceful moments during their stay, in fact some of the rooms facing the road we double glaze the windows to minimise any traffic noise.

When you visit Merimbula Sapphire Waters Motor Inn, you become part of our family. Give us a try today!

We hope you enjoy your stay.
Your Hosts
Stephen and Peta Taylor