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FREE Kayaks for our Guests

Everybody loves Discounts and Freebies,

We have listened to our guests and here is a list of freebies, plus you can go to our page and you will find a whole lot more,  in fact we have posted a wide choice of  packages under the packages button that are a result of what our guests have asked for

Kayaks for *FREE!
As part of your accommodation packages, we have a couple of Sea Kayaks that you can take and explore Merimbula Lake, it is truly magnificent with its pristine clear waters and breathtaking beauty

Simply pre-book before you arrive or book at reception with 24 hours  notice and we will arrange a time to drop them in the water and pick up when you return.

You will get to see Merimbula from a different angle and realise just how beautiful it really is out there on the lake. Sapphire Waters Motor Inn has 2 sea kayaks available for the use of our guests.

Use of the kayaks is FREE and subject to availability.

Value Add and custom tailor your Merimbula Accommodation

What about these

Discounts and Freebies

Everybody likes to get a great deal or pamper themselves with those little extra things that make you feel special.

And you deserve it, you’ve worked hard and you want some “me” time, a place where you can just switch off from life’s hectic pace and Merimbula is just  perfect for peace and solitude, clear skies, pristine waters and the beauty of it’s natural wilderness just a few kilometres from the CBD

Yet at the same time you can spoil yourself with some amazing restaurants and coffee shops right on the water including a 2 hat restaurant that people literally travel hundreds of kilometres to come and dine at

Check out our packages page for some great deals that we have at the moment,  plus click on this page and you can value add to our existing packages

We have done everything we can think of make  your stay in Merimbula a memorable event, but hey, if their is something you think we have missed, let us know when you make your booking

Mates Rates

Our Mates Rates include Discounts and Freebies

Chances are we have never met you or you may not have been to Merimbula before and you are checking us out

Many of our Guests have been coming back to Merimbula for years, check out our reviews page

And not just because they love the temperate client or the natural pristine waters or the beauty of our surrounding wilderness, or the fabulous range of eateries

It’s because they feel special when they stay with us, it’s like a home away from home for them, Hey, don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews and you will read the rave reviews from our guests

They feel like they have become mates with us and our staff

PSST! And we want to make you feel special too and we want to offer you our “Mates Rates,” in fact they are so good we can’t post them up here,

To get our Mates Rates you will need to call us direct to make your booking and ask for Our Mates Rates Pricing
call us now on  02 6495 1999 or 1800 677 837