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Merimbula Jazz Festival

The Merimbula jazz festival is an annual event held every June in Merimbula giving you a chance to experience authentic jazz music in a serene environment. Dubbed the “festival of musicians,” the jazz festival has been held yearly since 1981 and features approximately 150 bands and 700 musicians who play all styles of jazz ranging from mainstream, ragtime, modern and funk.

The festival includes live music and a parade and gives  young musicians under 25 to showcase their talents.

The performances last four days and are held in six venues. Bring your family or tag a friend a long and get to enjoy a non commercial community music festival this June.

Holiday Destination Merimbula NSW

Planning for a holiday destination in New South Wales, give Merimbula a try. Known as the jewel of the Sapphire Coast, Merimbula offers many exciting activities to spice up your holiday. From catching a glimpse of a whale to taking a tour of a beautiful aviary, this small town offers visitors multiple options to choose from.

Whether you are holidaying as  family with kids, a couple or a you are a lone ranger, Merimbula has something in store for you. If you are searching for activities to engage in while visiting Merimbula, then you are in the right place.

We have gathered quite a handful of information on numerous activities that can brighten any holiday. It’s beautiful climate makes it an ideal golfing destination not forgetting the jazz festivals and other events that are spread out throughout the year that allows visitors a glimpse into the local Merimbula culture.

Though its popular for its easy access to the water and scenic views, Merimbula has more to offer than a stroll at the beach.

Sapphire Coast Orchid Club’s Winter Show

The Sapphire Coast Orchid Club’s Winter Show is an annual event that is held in the month of August in Merimbula. During the show, the Sapphire Coast Orchid Club organizes a relaxing evening where the best orchids in the area are showcased.

Though the event focuses on native plants, there are many exotic orchids that are also featured during the event. This event not only gives you a chance to learn more about these beautiful plants, you also get to learn how to grow your own once the holiday is over.

Apart from getting a chance to participate in the workshops as a beginner or expert grower, every year, there is also an option to purchase some of the orchids on display. Some of the orchids that are usually on display include; Rock Lily orchids, Cattleyas orchids, Cymbidium orchids, Slipper orchids among others.

Annual Merimbula Classic

The Annual Merimbula Classic has over the years gained popularity and become a well liked tradition in the city.

With a focus on waves and wind, the event which takes place in November attracts many participants and visitors. The event takes place over a course of four days and attracts wave sailors, kite surfers and StandUp paddle (SUP) surfers who join the festivities to entertain the crowds and show off their skills.

The Merimbula Classic attracts some of the sports hottest riders and a total of 280 competitors from all over Australia and around the world. Merimbula’s climate is ideal for this event and this is where they meet to compete for the various titles.

As the competitors battle it out for the top rank, visitors can participate in exciting parties and also get a chance to browse the many tents that offer different merchandise and even a chance to try out their kite surfing techniques.

Pambula Motorfest

Got some free time in September and looking a fun filled family weekend? Head down to Pambula beach for the Pambula Motorfest which is a weekend long event held in September every year. This annual not for profit event that is organized to raise funds for the local community and makes for a great weekend full of action and entertainment for the whole family.

The Pambula Motorfest and Swap Meet gives you a chance to meet like minded people, show off your special vehicle be it a sedan, a tractor or a bike and help raise funds for the community.

This event also features ladies stalls, trash and treasure stalls, trade stalls, locally made products, a lot of children’s activities and much more. There’s a swap meet, trash and treasure stalls, ladies stalls, locally made products, trade stalls, merchandise trucks, loads of children’s activities, rides and much more.

Visit Pambula Motorfest for more information.

Eat Merimbula

Held every March at Fishpen in Merimbula overlooking the picturesque Merimbula lake, the Eat Merimbula festival celebrates entrepreneurs and best chefs.

The clear waters and fertile soils of Sapphire coast have always been renowned to produce sustainable seasonal seafood and world class fresh produce. Joining the Eat Merimbula festivities gives you a chance to savor the region’s harvest.

With dishes capped at $8, all you need is to bring your picnic rag and a good appetite.

Merimbula is known as the jewel of the Sapphire coast, and the activities in this city can brighten any holiday. It offers exciting jazz festivals, golf tournaments and other events throughout the year to keep visitors engaged in the local culture. Merimbula may be popular for its scenic views and easy access to the water, but it has more to offer than a beach walk.