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Every year from Mid-August to the end of November, whales make their annual migration past Merimbula and up the Eastern seaboard of Australia

And Merimbula is one the most unique places in the world to get up close to these remarkable mammals
because you will be able to watch the Humpback Whales Lunge Feeding.

Lunge feeding is when the Whale moves forward with its mouth open and engulfs the prey

This is an amazing experience to see Whales in their natural habitat and one you must not miss
This is a must do event that will change your life forever

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Interesting facts about Whales

  • A blue whale’s tounge is about the size and weight of a full grown African Elephant and it’s heart is compared to the size of a Volkswagon beetle !!
  • Eyes of a large whale weigh about a kilogram.
  • Whale fetuses have hands and fingers, which fuse together before birth.
  • A southern right whale calf can drink up to 200 litres of milk per day.

Eden Whale Festival

The Eden Whale Festival is held each year in late October or early November! Visit their web site for more details and updates.